Friday, July 27, 2007

Laptop Woes

Being a road warrior, I have been using a Dell D620 Laptop for the last year and few months. Though this laptop has had its share of glitches, all it needed was a little help "here and there" by Dell Support to iron them out. It is (was) working fine and I have been shooting all these blogs from the hip using this very laptop.

Off late, the lid - LCD display had become loose and could not defy gravity. A small jerk is all it took to get the LCD to lie flat on mother earth. So i decided to call my friendly Dell Support again. As usual, the response was quick and reassuring - standard, taken for granted, expected out of Dell.

NBD, the Dell engineer [outsourced to TVSE] showed up at my office with the spare lid and tools to rectify the issue. After a couple of hours our man decided to call in some additional help! And that was a first time I have seen a Dell guy call - "Reinforcement" Huh?? Woaky, Woaky... I decided to let them take their sweet time, since I have my official issue to carry out my work. After wrestling with the laptop for nearly 5+ hours, my laptop was ready!!!! and the engineers took to their heels after that.

Original Issue: The laptop lid is loose, shakes a lot.

List of Issues now!!!!
  1. LCD back cover is damaged – brute force has been used to pry it open during the previous attempt to replace the back cover
  2. LCD front bezel right side top 2nd screw head is milled smooth & nice due to use of brute force and wrong tool
  3. Hinge cover [the strip with the power switch etc.,] is broken and again brute force was used to put it back during the previous attempt
  4. Bottom cover screw has been milled smooth & nice, thread on the chassis is gone due to wrong thread; again brute force used to fix
  5. LCD connectors to the motherboard left loose and not fixed properly, which probably explains the flicker on the LCD
  6. Keyboard not fixed properly & keys are damaged. The keys actually looks like an oncoming wave on the beaches of GOA!!!!
  7. + The Original Issue

Now, this list has been compiled based on an FIR carried out by a different TVSE engineer today morning. The engineers yesterday had opened up the complete laptop and while they were putting it back I do not know what else has been messed up / screwed - when I was looking away!!!

MOTS: About two guys who came to this gunfight
  1. Ill equipped - Guy takes a knife to a gunfight
  2. Ill trained - Guy got trained on using a machet

Hey, this is not fair, somebody please give these guys, GUNS!!!!
Satish: Here, take mine...

3. Ill Experienced - Managed to get a gun, but pointed it on self and pulled the trigger.... BOOOOM!!!!!!!

Bottom line 1: My laptop has become a guinea pig for these engineers to wet their hands on.

Now, I am waiting for Dell to collect my wounded laptop and submit an SIR [Second Information Report, for those who did not get it]

......and what will follow - "I DUNNO"

Bottom line 2: No more shooting of the hip [Read: blogging] till my laptop regains its lost ammunition.


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