Tuesday, June 19, 2007

B R A V O !!! B R A V O !!!

The ongoing presidential election is turning out to be a farce for sure. H.E.Dr.APJK is THE best president India has ever had [with due respect to all other’s who have graced Rastrapathi Bhavan]. On one side we have a non-political, simple, unassuming technocrat who with his vision and perseverance not only made the whole world stand up and give India its due but also bought them to the discussion table. And on the other side we have 100’s and 1000’s of politicians who could not achieve anything after five decades either on their own or with the help of others. Now the same bunch of incorrigibles is bitching about his suitability for the President’s post.

And mind you, these are the same politicians we elected and sent them to the parliament to rule us. Yes, it goes without saying that by all means H.E. is very popular with the masses. A good number of polls have reinforced this fact and enough has been written about it. But then, our politicians do not like anyone stealing the thunder from them, more so - a President elected by them. By now, they must be kicking their back side for getting him there in the first place.

On numerous occasions in the past, H.E. has spoken open hearted about the problems that plague our society and system, in doing so - stirring a hornet's nest. His opinion a couple of months ago that India should move into a two party system to give the required stability and political will power to take this country to the next level, to be on par with the super powers must have given our politicos sleepless nights. Given a free hand here is a President who can initiate a change as radical as that. This must be the very reason that made the same people who bought him in, to drop him like a hot potato.

For sure, a rubber stamp President wouldn't dare to do so.

Surprise!! Surprise!! while everyone had written off that our politician are all of the same flock, and they don't need a President who “calls a spade, A SPADE”, there seems to be a section of politicos who think otherwise and care for this country, at least.

BRAVO!!! Cutting across party lines, this bunch of politicos have come out openly in support of H.E. For once we have a commendable stand from our elected members. Three Cheers!!!

Yes, for once we see light at the end of the tunnel




But, only time will tell if it is the incoming, steam rolling, TRAIN!!!


PS: btb, who is this Pratibha Patil?