Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Double Standards...!!!!

My weekend started with a visit to the Bangalore Canine Club's annual dog show [BCC] - i guess i can use BCC now, since namma erstwhile BCC aka Bangalore City Corporation has reincarnated itself as Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike -"BMP". So going forward BCC is Bengaluru Naayigala Sangha.

BCC learned lessons from last year's show and to make amends [my guess] moved the venue to Palace grounds which by contrast has lots of space. Period and nothing else. Dogs as expected were hogging all the limelight. And all around there were only pugs pugs pugs pugs..... baring a couple of Siberian Huskies, Doberman's, St.Bernard's, GSD's there was nothing else. What happened to all other breeds? where did they vanish?

The rest of the facilities was as usual in shambles proud owners and their prized dogs resorted to all kinds of tricks to keep themselves cool enough to handle competition heat.
Though BCC did charge an entry fee for the event did not bother to provide basic amenity - toilets for the visitors - i guess such a big open space in the middle of Bengaluru has to be put to the right use; "learn from the dogs - sniff around and relieve yourself on the nearest pole/tree/plant" was the motto.

Now coming to the actual topic, last year during the same event i did the mistake [unknowingly, I Swear] of taking my family along with my month old lab puppy to the show. Everything was pretty fine till my pup started getting some attention from other visitors at the show. And in no time a lady and a turbaned man flaunting the organizers badges barked at us to GET OUT. When i asked them why having paid hard earned money as entrance fee for my entire family all i got in return was the choicest of 4/5/6....lettered words. I was just too embarrassed to reply back to this "gentleman" in his own words in front of my mom and family and simply got out. On the way out i realized why...they had assumed that i had gone there to sell my pup. Though i did have ideas of going back to the venue after dropping my folks back home and give that turban a piece of his barking i laid the idea to rest.

This year around not only were pups being sold outside, but inside it was a roaring business!! and the turban was COMPLETELY blind!!! What do you call that? Double standards????
any how more about this show later..

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