Wednesday, November 22, 2006

blog - blah blah blah!!!

Finally, i have succumbed to the social pressure and decided to blog - just did not want to be a outcast. and it is not that i am technically challenged or i am averse to people peeking into my life - plain simple i didn't want people to know my shortcomings and weaknesses. For now, i have decided to add my 2 cents to this world wide evil called blog!!! ha ha ha
Going forward people reading this will realize that there is nothing new in this blog to write home about and people all around the world are already doing it for eons.

I will try to keep my blog as cryptic, incoherent, unimaginative and non-informative as possible. if there is dry humor in my blogs please live with it - there is water scarcity down here...

Well how i got here was pure chance - i decided to go check my Orkut account which in turn was created out of pure peer pressure. For once, i did not have anything important that couldn't be pushed to the back burner. My mouse went berserk clicking here and there [there is something very seductive about web links which always gets me entrapped] and finally ended up reading a blog from someone calling him/her self "eagle". One thing got to another and i was sucked into starting my own blog. Good enough for a story[reason ;-)] Now that i have got this going let me see how this progresses..

I guarantee that you will not find anything interesting other then my cribbing about everything around us in this world.



Eagle said...

Welcome to The Blog! Answering your previous Q on my Blog about Meditations, yes it does help..However results are seen gradually only. So patience is important here.
And you're on Orkut? Gimme the details!!!!

Ish said...

That sounds really +ve and i guess i should start meditating in the near future.. btb my orkut id is same as my mail handle -

also, check out my blog at